OS X: Shortcuts Core Apps

Keyboard Navigation in Mac OS X Core Apps.

Expose, Spaces
tab (Expose) cycle through Expose’d windows
tab (Spaces) cycle through Spaces
number (Spaces) focus specific space
c (Spaces) collect all windows in space 1
escape clear search field (press again to close menu)
tab select current search term (equivalent to command-a)
command-enter show selected file in Finder (equivalent to command-R or command-clicking an item)
command-up arrow move to the first result in the previous category
command-down arrow move to the first result in the next category
spacebar quicklook selected item
spacebar when dragging file onto folder it will spring open without the usual delay
option-spacebar fullscreen quicklook selected item
command-option-i multi-item Inspector for all selected files
command-delete send to trash
command-shift-delete empty trash
enter edit filename, escape cancels, enter accepts the changes
Finder – Column View
command-3 Switch to Column View
type anything Find As You Type within the focused pane (FAYT)
tab Focus contents of selected directory in a new pane
left go one pane back
Finder – List View
command 2 switch to list view
type anything Find As You Type (FAYT)
tab cycle through contents of folder, wrapping around
shift tab
command-up change working directory to parent
right open selected folder
left (on a file) jump to parent folder, if that folder is visible
left (on folder) close that folder, if open
option-right open all children of all selected folders
option-left close all selected folders and children
open…, save…, browse…
/ go to… dialogue, allowing one to specify full pathnames from root file. w/ Tab Autocomplete
command-shift-g Go to folder… dialogs. w/ Tab Autocomplete
tab space activate disclosure triangle



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