Some pruning required

Right, this will take some time…
Some albums ain’t showing I think either due to a WordPress or a plugin update (mibees both, ahh dinnae ken) it is an easy fix, but aye pffft! So I will take this opportunity to remove some of what I consider rubbish.

So time to do some pruning, some old albums contain a ridiculous amount of photos and uploaded before I cared or knew how to do basic edits. So Individually I will remove albums, re-upoload with fewer photos and obviously edited. Also, I can change the names from the camera defaults to something more descriptive to mibees help with the elusive art of SEO

or, most likely, I will do what I usually do and procrastinate… and never get this finished. 😉
(one album been done already, hopefully more soon)

The Art of Star Wars, Edinburgh 2002

In 2002 the City Art Center hosted ‘The Art Of Star Wars exhibition’ this had props and costumes from the Star Wars films, up to the then newly released Episode I

I never thought I would uploaded these photos again, before my over complicated back up regime I thought these were most certainly lost; Indeed almost forgotten about! Looking at the rather embarrassing web cache of this site, one stumbled across these photos again – aye, I’m having them back thank you very much!

Honestly the photos are rubbish, with a low resolution of 640*480, taken with I think Olympus digital camera, with a Smart media card, the camera was extremely basic. the photos are certainly unique, Unfortunately there are only a handful. Plus I took them before I cared about taking a decent photo. Must have forgotten to turn the flash off.

A BBC link to the Exhibition from 10 October, 2001


Photos from Argyll and Bute
Including – Oban, Kilchurn Castle, Dunstaffnage Castle and Inveraray Castle

Photos from the Highlands
Including Eilean Donan Castle, Glefinnan and Glenfinnan viaduct

Photos From Doune Castle

and Eventually long shot photos from Edinburgh Christmas 2018