Big Auld Update

really been ignoring this page over the past year, so for that I’ve Just uploaded a whack of new photos.

Pentland Hills 20 Photos – Including the Beautiful Hairy Coos

Highlands 54 Photos – Including the Real Loch Ness Monster 😉

Falkirk Kelpies 10 Photos

Forth Bridges 26 Photos – Including the in construction replacement Crossing  (Queensferry Crossing)


Lagangarbh Hut

This wee place is found within the mountains within Glencoe, Scotland – It’s called the Lagangarbh Hut,  truly is the middle of nowhere, it would appear only sheep for company.

Laganbargh Hut

Laganbargh Hut


The Kelpie

The Kelpie sculpture can be found in Falkirk, Scotland.
Unveiled in April 2014 and stand  30-metre high.

The Kelpies

The Kelpies

The Kelpie is a legendary Scottish shape shifting water spirit.  As the folklore goes they usually appear next to a body of water in the form of a beautiful horse in the attempt to lure the weary traveller to mount the beast.  But Beware! as once mounted with its glue like back, you will find it impossible to escape.  The Kelpie will gallop away, dragging you to the bottom of the nearest loch to meet a terrible fate,  here you will be devoured – apart from your heart and lungs.    These will rise to to top of the loch, floating there letting your loved ones know you have been eaten by the fearsome Kelpie.

These appear in a Robert Burns Poem ‘Address To The Deil’

Here is the verse

When thowes dissolve the snawy hoord,
An’ float the jinglin’ icy boord,
Then water-kelpies haunt the foord,
By your direction,
And ‘nighted trav’llers are allur’d
To their destruction.

Edinburgh’s Christmas Sky Flyer 2015

first post in such a long time…
here is a long exposure shot of the Sky flyer in Princes street gardens

Edinburgh Christmas Sky Flyer

Edinburgh Christmas Sky Flyer

check out for more of my Edinburgh related posts

Tantallon Castle

I took a wee trip to North Berwick, I wanted to visit Tantallon Castle. This is a semi-ruined 14th-century castle clinging to the cliff face, over looking the Bass Rock, This must have been a formidable fortification in its day.

Tantallon Castle

Tantallon Castle

I will add more photos soon, probably 😉

It’s not well connected from North Berwick, a bus every two hours, or what a local called ‘a short walk’ no, its not. unless the gave me wrong directions. 🙂