New Content… lots of photos

I’ve added quite a few new photos,

Blackness castle, 5 Photos – A 15th-century fortress, near the village of Blackness, West Lothian
Dirleton Castle, 14 Photos – A 13th century medieval fortress

Anstruther, – 7 Photos – a small town in Fife.
St Andrews Castle, 13 Photos – a castle in St Andrews in Fife.
St Andrews Cathedral, 13 Photos  – a ruined Roman Catholic cathedral in St Andrews, Fife,

Melrose, 6 Photos – A Small town in the Scottish Borders
Melrose Abbey, 17 Photos – Melrose Abbey is a partly ruined monastery of the Cistercian order

Gilberton Cove, 6 Photos – a series of underground passageways and chambers hand carved from sandstone, dating from the 18th century

Daft Terminal Tricks

Google Maps? Apple Maps? pfffft, I say nae nae!! how about ASCII maps. launch terminal type telnet  (will work on any telnet client that uses xterm)

Ascii Map Europe

Ascii Map Europe

– use A & Z to zoom in and out

Ascii Map Scotland

Ascii Map Scotland

How about the weather?

Still in terminal, use the command finger – example finger

Ascii Terminal Weather

Ascii Terminal Weather

To much time on my hands? maybe! 😉

Updating macOS / OSX Terminal

You can Update macOS / OSX – I recently had a iMac that refused to update from the App Store.  It would appear to download the updates, reboot the system but the updates were not installed.   After some troubleshooting, I found that I could install these from terminal.

After opening run the command softwareupdate -l
The -l switch will list all available updates

Mac Software Update Terminal Command

Mac Software Update Terminal Command

This will check and list any available updates that are available for the system.
the next command must be run as root, sudo softwareupdate -iva

-i switch installs updates.
-v switch is verbose, and will display a percentage as they are installed
-a switch is for all available updates

you could use -r to install only recommended updates

Mac Software Update Terminal Reboot

Mac Software Update Terminal Reboot

Once downloaded and installed you will be prompted to reboot the system, while in terminal why not reboot with sudo reboot

Obviously while using sudo be careful, a wrong command can do a lot of damage!
other that broked systems, this could be useful writing scripts / SSH to remote systems…..

perhaps its just me, but it seemed a wee bit faster than using the App store. maybe 🙂
This command should also work an all revisions of macOS / OSX

Berlin 2018

I was lucky enough to spend a few nights in the wonderful city of Berlin! but, alas I only managed to take a fraction of photos I’d normally take as to my cameras cr1220 battery died on me (had it since 2010, didn’t know it existed until I was there)

using Photoshop, I did use the content aware fill to remove unwanted objects, can you tell what photos these were?


Berlin Edit

It’s one of ‘em Before and after shots!

This was taken on the river Spree, passing museum island looking towards the Fernsehturm, but there is a big ugly crane above the museum! – by the power of photoshop crane be gone!!

I didn’t take as many photos as I usually do, as unfortunately I had some issues with my camera. Anyway I’ll edit some and upload a new album

Berlin Edin

Berlin Edit