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Edinburgh’s Christmas Sky Flyer 2015

first post in such a long time…
here is a long exposure shot of the Sky flyer in Princes street gardens

Edinburgh Christmas Sky Flyer

Edinburgh Christmas Sky Flyer

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St. Anthony’s Chapel

Uploaded photos from St Anthony’s Chapel, on Arthur’s Seat.

St. Anthony’s Chapel, Ruins atop Arthur’s seat, (Holyrood Park) Edinburgh, Scotland.  It is thought to date from the mid-15th Century.

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Calton Hill Area

fair flying through the re-uploads, today I uploaded the photos from around Calton hill, regent road area ect…

Interestingly, there is a crematory on Calton hill, this has a statue of Abraham Lincoln, this is the only statue of Lincoln in Scotland, and the only monument to the American Civil War outwith the USA.

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Forth Bridges

This evening, the photos from the Forth Rail and Road Bridge have been uploaded.
includes Inchcolm, inchkeith & firth of forth (naturally)

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