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Some pruning required

Right, this will take some time…
Some albums ain’t showing I think either due to a WordPress or a plugin update (mibees both, ahh dinnae ken) it is an easy fix, but aye pffft! So I will take this opportunity to remove some of what I consider rubbish.

So time to do some pruning, some old albums contain a ridiculous amount of photos and uploaded before I cared or knew how to do basic edits. So Individually I will remove albums, re-upoload with fewer photos and obviously edited. Also, I can change the names from the camera defaults to something more descriptive to mibees help with the elusive art of SEO

or, most likely, I will do what I usually do and procrastinate… and never get this finished. 😉
(one album been done already, hopefully more soon)

Big Auld Update

really been ignoring this page over the past year, so for that I’ve Just uploaded a whack of new photos.

Pentland Hills 20 Photos – Including the Beautiful Hairy Coos

Highlands 54 Photos – Including the Real Loch Ness Monster 😉

Falkirk Kelpies 10 Photos

Forth Bridges 26 Photos – Including the in construction replacement Crossing  (Queensferry Crossing)


Some Photos added

I have been playing around with some media/Gallery/Photo scripts.  well two.
One Gallery has been ‘Kinda’ uploaded.  Basically its the Arthur’s Seat gallery from the old site, including the rubbish, more will be added, or i may remove it all.

[singlepic id=87 w= h= float=none]

Full gallery right here!

I really want to get the old stuff back online, but all the scrips and software available presently I’m unimpressed.

Version 2

After a long hiatus the site is back online, minus all content, this is a huge pain in the backside.
I may re-upload photos, probably higher quality than before but the posts are gone, gone forever. 10 years of posts gone!

This site was relocated to a new host due to the old host unwilling to provide information or help regarding a bot attack, they did eventually provide help after I canceled my account – but hey more on that later, perhaps, mibees.

the new install may not even last, time shall tell.